organizes an international champaign
about cyber security
every year in October since 2012
(European Cyber Security Month – ECSM).

October is CyberSecMonth

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European Cyber Security Month Hungary

European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) organizes a European Cyber Security Month campaign (ECSM) every October since 2012. The aim of the ECSM campaign is to generate general awareness about cyber security and to raise awareness about the main cybersecurity threats for a large audience.
During the Cyber Security Month campaign there are trainings, awareness raising lectures and events held by the institutes of the EU Member States. The coordination of the Campaign is made by ENISA.

For more information and for event in this year please visit website of Special Service for National Security National Cyber Security Center

In 2018 Hungary joins to the campaign with several events. The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) is the contact point in EU level for the ECSM and responsible for the coordination of the national elements of the campaign. The aim of the NCSC is to reach a wider audience by the involvement of the governmental and non-governmental companies, universities, schools and other organizations that deals with cybersecurity issues. This campaign is a unique opportunity to create more active public-private partnerships.
You can find more information about the campaign and other international events: