Cyber month at Keleti Faculty of Business and Management - Cyberbullying - even scarier than Halloween

We are pleased to announce that this year, the Károly Keleti Faculty of Economics will join the cyber security month program series across Europe.
Our goal is to raise awareness among students and those interested in the dangers of using the Internet with care and caution.

Presentation language: Hungarian
Title: Cyberbullying - even scarier than Halloween
Előadó: Kornélia Lazányi habil. PhD - Dean
Description: In the 21st century, not only do people who we know, but also those who we are not aquainted (personally) have opinions about us, our lifestiles, and everything that we share online. They affect our behavior, our values, and are greatly informed about our everyday lives through social media. Most opinions do not have significant influence on us, but attacks, negative comments, especially in childhood and early adolescence, are particularly difficult to handle if they are "seen" by anyone, and "witnessed by the whole world".

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