IV. Energy in information security

Within the framework of the cooperation agreement concluded between MVM and the National University of Public Service (NUPS) in 2020, we will hold a series of jointly organized cyber security conferences in 2021. The aim of the classic conference, scheduled for October 19, is to present the results of collaborative research: cybersecurity related awareness at work, OSINT skills in the electricity sub-sector. In this context, the topics announced by ENISA will also be in focus in separate panels.
Tuesday, 19 October 2022 iCal
2021.10.19. 09:00 – 15: 30
Hungary, MVM Central Building - Jedlik Ányos hall Szentendrei street 207-209, Budapest 1031
MVM Energy Private Limited Company
cyber security experts, Information system security officers in the energy sector, students of NUPS
Dr. Bonnyai Tünde:
+36 20 3756120

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