People-centred artificial intelligence international scientific-professional conference

The scientific conference is the closing event of the Campaign of the European Cybersecurity Month in Hungary and the opening event of the Celebration of Hungarian Science 2021.
Wednesday, 03 November 2022 iCal
3-4. November 2021
Hungary, hibrid event, limited physical presence (Ministry of Interior, 1051 Budapest, József Attila str. 2-4.) and possibility to connect online (CISCO Webex)
Academic Council of Home Affairs co-organizer: Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA Candidates
The organizers expect the participation of professional organizations and higher education and scientific institutions related to the topic in the event – in terms of number of employees.
#artificialintelligence #AcademicCouncilofHomeAffairs #conference
István Sabjanics Dr.:
(06 26) 795-911

The aim of the International Scientific-Professional Conference on Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence is to provide participants with an overview of the less frequently covered issues of artificial intelligence, in addition to technical developments, in a social science approach; such as a people-centred intelligent society, AI solutions for human well-being, the reliability, legal and ethical aspects of the development and application of artificial intelligence, social change induced by AI applications, and a number of other exciting issues for participants in the plenary session, panel discussion and they can receive a response in the e-poster section.

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